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I discovered these amazing sheets from a few suggestions on my menopause Facebook page. Initially I was hesitant because they are microfiber and so affordable. They have been a game changer in this sweaty season of life. Do I still have night sweats? Yes. Are they more bearable on these sheets? huge YES! I tell all my "later in years" friends about them now. Thank you Sheet Lady!

Gwen B.

"I absolutely love my soft sheets! They are incredibly comfortable and make getting into bed a dream. I never realized how much of a difference high quality sheets could make in my sleep experience until I tried these. They are definitely worth the investment!"

Rachel S.

From my own personal experience, I ordered the wrong size and reached out to customer service. The owner Kristy responded herself and was incredibly helpful and patient. She went above and beyond to ensure my issue was resolved. I truly appreciated their dedication and professionalism, and it made me feel like a valued customer. (Not like a complete idiot for my screw up.) Exceptional customer service like this can turn a customer into a loyal one. I will definitely be back.


These are the softest sheets I have ever owned. My oldest set is 8 years old and still going strong! We give these for gifts for every opportunity! WE LOVE THE SHEET LADY!

Ron & Carrie M.

These sheets are so soft and comfy!!! For the first time my husband commented on the comfort of the sheets. Since then I only buy these sheets. Love them!!!!